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E-commerce Development

In our digital world, everything getting change online, nowadays it’s very easy to buy or sell something through the internet so we use E-commerce website for an online store where can sell both physical and digital product.

E-commerce is an online portal which sells or purchase of service and products through an electronic medium, an E-commerce website is rapidly increasing because of its work as 24/7 salesperson all over the world.

Importance of E-commerce:

  1. Reach Global Market

With your E-commerce business, you can sell anywhere in the world.

  1. Automated 

You can sell, manage and monitor your product become very easy in an e-commerce business.

  1. Open always 

Online Ecommerce shop opens 24 hours a day which is very useful for the customer.

  1. Costs and Pricing 

Compared to physical shop E-commerce operational cost is very low. you no need to pay money for rent, staff, and other shop expense.

  1. Target Marketing

By collecting registered consumer data we can target the right people for our product.

Get an idea what we do:

  1. Responsive E-commerce website – Mobile and SEO friendly
  2. Web Hosting – Web loading speed and page optimization
  3. Consistency and unique content
  4. Use best quality image and description for Product SEO
  5. Effective Navigation and high performing search Experience
  6. Store Management – modify and monitor product
  7. Order Fulfillment
  8. Regular Software updates
  9. Customer Support

Some Paid marketing for E-commerce sale

  1. Run Google shopping campaign
  2. Built E-mail Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Retargeting.

Our Working Statistics 

  1. Initial Step

Meeting with clients and discuss marketing strategy and sign contract.

  1. Plan and Research 

Depends on the goals of clients we will plan and set strategy to reach more customer.

  1. Design 

Develop your speed & SEO optimization and website mobile friendly due to increasing mobile device usage.

  1. Launch your website 

After completing the website and get approval from the client side we will launch your website.

  1. Website Maintenance

we assist you for website updates and security and also we offer complete website maintenance work on a monthly basis.