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When you Search for Best Digital Marketing Agency in Anna Nagar, you will find us in a First Position on First Page. This proven result is enough to showcase our Digital Marketing skills.

Our Work to Rank on First Page?

Before that, you should know why Digital Marketing Professionals are concentrating on Google Search Engine as a primary focus, not other search engines.

Google has 4.5+ billion monthly active users & available in 149 languages throughout the world & it has around 78% of market share. Do you want to know the realtime Search Statistics of Google? Check out: //

In 2018, Google’s most favorite Rank Brain gives more importance to the User experience on the website. I.e. How much time a user spends on a page. Google Loves it.

And also Speed has always been a major ranking factor of Google, but previously it was based on your desktop version of your site, now it’s going to be looking at your mobile site load speed.

We follow up Google algorithm guidelines very strictly (Ie. Only White Hat SEO technique). Google has around 200 types of ranking factors to show up on the top page of the search result (SERP). We are the best SEO agency in Chennai constantly work on each ranking factors to boost our website authority. Very Soon it would be caught by Google Crawler & our page ranking gets increased.

We use simple English to make sentences so that everyone can easily understand & Google loves that too. We especially care about the Quality of content on each page where it satisfies the user’s search query. We do care about other search Engines like Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Bing etc.. Each and every Search Engines have their own algorithm which shows the best results to the user’s Search Query.

How Digital Tamila help you with SEO?

  • Increase in higher CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Increase in Brand reputation among your competitors
  • SEO Rankings Results are steady & long-lasting
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Why Digital Tamila Marketing Agency?

The Question will be “Why should I go with Digital Tamila?’ Here, are the list of reason why Digital Tamila is better than other Marketing companies in Chennai.

  • Our Services are more reliable and efficient than any other marketing companies in Chennai.
  • We not only provide the best Digital Marketing Services but also the most economical price for Startups, Small & Corporate companies.
  • Most importantly we educate our clients about the work we are doing to boost the website ranking.
  • Further, we also provide Web Development Services, built using the best possible design and SEO technique.
  • We have proven results ie. Digital Tamila website is ranking on the First Result- First Page for the Search Term “Digital Marketing Agency in Anna Nagar”

Why SEO is Important?

In Traditional Marketing word of mouth is an ever-lasting method to increase more sales. In this Digital Space, it has been replaced by “SEARCH ENGINES” like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Today around 94% of people search the internet before buying a new product or services. They believe on Search Engines where it provides the most accurate results to the Search Query.

About 75% of people never scroll down and click on the next page of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). People tend to click on the first three websites after entering the search query term.

Do you know why your competitors are ranking higher on Google Search? They know the importance of Primary Digital Marketing technique called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are about millions of website on the internet related to your niche. Websites with higher rankings will get higher conversions. People don’t care if your website rankings on 2nd or 3rd page of Google’s search page.

Every Digital Marketer role is to showcase their client’s website on Google’s First page. We are providing efficient and affordable Digital Marketing services in Chennai for small & Medium scaled Business.

Best SEO Services in Chennai


  • We concentrate on performing best keyword research & competitor analysis for your website to rank on Google’s Top Results page.
  • We constantly work to improve in Search ranking until it reaches the top position.
  • We have an expert team to increase the rankings organically thereby driving more traffic and ROI.

Most Affordable SEO Agency in Chennai

We are providing best class SEO services to our valuable clients – your growth is our success